Julep Sessions Volume V

Although there was no lack of material, the Bourbonhours Radio Chorus ran out of steam in year five, so we took a break. A year later, in 2006, the 6th annual Kentucky Derby Party saw a new list of songs. No originals made this album, although many uncut songs were in the makings; rather, this list added spoken word and movie quotes to the mix.

  1. Everything Was Stories, Harry Crews;
  2. In the Mood, Glenn Miller;
  3. Whitewater, Bela Fleck;
  4. Yum, Yum, Yum, Johnny Temple;
  5. Tell It To Me, Old Crow Medicine Show;
  6. Flying Lesson, Pt. 1, Tyler Fitzgerald;
  7. Come Fly With Me, Frank Sinatra;
  8. Flying Lesson, Pt 2, Tyler Fitzgerald;
  9. Blue Moon Of Kentucky, Elvis;
  10. Time To Get a Gun, Fred Eaglesmith;
  11. Best of All Possible Worlds, Kris Kristofferson;
  12. What a Little Moonlight Can Do, Billy Holiday;
  13. Molly and Tenbrooks (the horse-racing song), Bill Monroe;
  14. Whiskey River, Willie Nelson;
  15. You Hit the Spot, Diana Panton;
  16. Get Drunk and Screw, Jimmy Buffet;
  17. Straight Up, Five Corners Quintet;
  18. Duncan & Brady (He’s Been on the Job Too Long), The Johnson Mountain Boys;
  19. Must Be the Whiskey, Chip Taylor / Carrie Rodriguez;
  20. The Piano Has Been Drinking (Not me), Tom Waits;
  21. When I’m Drinkin’, Devil In A Woodpile;
  22. Boozefighters, Gandydancer;
  23. Lone Ranger, Rossini;
  24. You’re Running Wild, Louvin Brothers;
  25. The Wine Song, Carolyn Mark and The New Best Friends;
  26. Swinging Doors, Merle Haggard;
  27. Mumbles, Clark Terry / Oscar Peterson Trio;
  28. Blue Kentucky Girl, Loretta Lynn.

Julep Sessions Volume 4

2004 saw the 4th annual Kentucky Derby Party in full swing. It’s popularity had grown to legendary proportions and expectations. Mint Juleps were on ice, southern food was on the menu, and people filled the house and backyard. The ensuing song list was on replay, including the original Bourbonhours Radio Chorus recording, “Have a Drink”.

  1. Taste of Honey, Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass;
  2. I’ve Got No Honey Baby Now, Rafe Stefanini;
  3. Rock Island Line, Johnny Cash;
  4. Kentucky Borderline, Rhonda Vincent;
  5. Hadacilan Boogie, Ray Condo & the Ricochets;
  6. J’ai Vu la Loup, le Renard et la Belette, The Balfa Brothers;
  7. Sloppy Drunk Blues, Sonny Boy Williamson;
  8. My Pal Alcohol, Slim Dusty;
  9. Bartender, Loretta Lynn and Ernest Tubb;
  10. Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Professor Longhair;
  11. Hair of the Dog, Dale Watson;
  12. Little Stream of Whiskey, Doc Watson;
  13. One for My Baby, Frank Sinatra with Count Basie’s Orchestra;
  14. Cocktails for Two, Dizzy Gillespie;
  15. Have a Drink, The Bourbonhours Radio Chorus;
  16. Chug-a-lug, Roger Miller;
  17. Tennessee Whiskey, George Jones;
  18. Which Way Does That Old Pony Run, Lyle Lovett;
  19. Old Grand Dad, Fats Waller;
  20. Mule Skinner Blues, Jimmie Rodgers;
  21. Rhode Island Is Famous For You, Blossom Dearie;
  22. Union Square, Tom Waits;
  23. Turkey in the Straw, Bill Monroe and Doc Watson;
  24. Blue Moon of Kentucky, Patsy Cline.

Julep Sessions Volume 3

When 2003 rolled around he popularity of the bourbon song list had risen to epic proportions, and included the turkey calls. Was it possible to celebrate the Kentucky Derby without a bourbon song list and an original creation? This year’s Bourbonhours Radio Chorus creation was “Goin’ To Kentucky”. The possibilities of the bourbon genre were endless:

  1. Turkey Call #1, Wild Turkey Bourbon;
  2. Route 66 Theme, Nelson Riddle;
  3. Kentucky Derby, Chet Atkins;
  4. Bending the Strings, Flatt & Scruggs;
  5. Jambalaya, Lucinda Williams;
  6. Moonshine Martinis, Southern Culture on the Skids;
  7. Fabio and Liberace, Paul Thorn;
  8. Corn Liquor Made a Fool Outta Me, Bad Livers;
  9. Hillbilly With a Record Deal, Montana Rose;
  10. Table Top Joe, Tom Waits;
  11. The Drinking Song, Verdi;
  12. Mississippi Mud, Hank Williams III;
  13. Straight No Chaser, Miles Davis & John Coltrane;
  14. Goin’ To Kentucky, The Bourbonhours Radio Chorus;
  15. Parallel Bars, Robbie Fulks (with Kelly Willis);
  16. Old Corn Liquor, Joe Thompson;
  17. Tipitina, Professor Longhair;
  18. Tip That Waitress, Loudon Wainwright III;
  19. Have a Drink On Me, Hayseed Dixie;
  20. Make it Another Old Fashioned, Please, Ethel Merman;
  21. Chicken Reel, Kentucky Colonels;
  22. Moonshiner, Uncle Tupelo;
  23. Bad Bad Whiskey, Buddy Guy and Junior Wells;
  24. Roll Along Kentucky Moon, Wilf Carter;
  25. Turkey Call #2, Wild Turkey Bourbon.

Julep Sessions Volume 2

In 2002, our bourbon celebrations became the 2nd annual Kentucky Derby Party. Bourbon was on the table and another Julep Sessions song list was formed, but this time the list included an original tune sung by the Bourbonhours Radio Chorus, “Perhaps the Saddest Song Ever”:

  1. I Dream of Jeannie Theme Song;
  2. Shuckin’ the Corn, Flatt & Scruggs;
  3. Jitterbug Boy, Tom Waits;
  4. Drink That Mash Talk That Trash, Flatt & Scruggs;
  5. The Power of Positive Drinking, Lou Reed;
  6. Good Old Mountain Dew, Grandpa Jones;
  7. Wine Spo-dee-o-dee, Champion Jack Dupree;
  8. Wild Turkey, Lacy J. Dalton;
  9. Kentucky Rain, Elvis Presley;
  10. Perhaps the Saddest Song Ever, The Bourbonhours Radio Chorus;
  11. Whiskey Blues, Lionel Hampton;
  12. Momma’s Barbecue, Emmet Otters Jugband;
  13. King of the Mountain, Southern Culture on the Skids;
  14. Goofing Off Suite, Pete Seeger;
  15. The Whiskey Makes You Sweeter, Laura Cantrell;
  16. I Ain’t Drunk, Albert Collins;
  17. Kentucky House, Freakwater;
  18. My First Lover, Gillian Welch;
  19. Country Blues, Taj Mahal;
  20. Blue Moon of Kentucky, Ray Charles;
  21. Gin and Juice, the Gourds;
  22. Drink Up and Be Somebody, Merle Haggard;
  23. Kentucky Waltz, Slim Whitman.

Julep Sessions Volume 1

In May 2001 we had our first Vancouver style Kentucky Derby Party. The Bourbonhours Radio Chorus put together a song list of bourbon genre music. It consisted of music that honed in on the subject of mint juleps, roses, horses, and music. Artistic talent was solicited from the local bourbon community, and lo and behold we had an album and a cover and a party:

  1. One Mint Julep, Ray Charles;
  2. Blue Moon of Kentucky, Bill Monroe;
  3. Dead Flowers, Rolling Stones;
  4. Pour Me, Trick Pony;
  5. White Lightening, George Jones;
  6. Harlan Man, Steve Earle;
  7. Kentucky Woman, Neil Diamond;
  8. Canadian Whiskey, Ian Tyson and Nanci Griffiths;
  9. Corn Liquor, Southern Culture on the Skids;
  10. Kentucky, The Louvin Brothers;
  11. Bourbon Street Parade, Wynton Marsalis;
  12. Up On Cripple Creek, The Band;
  13. Cigareets, Whuskey, and Wild Wild Women, Roy Rogers & the Sons of the Pioneers;
  14. If the River Was Whiskey, Taj Mahal;
  15. Picture In My Mind, Freakwater;
  16. Alcohol, Mike Plume;
  17. Man of Constant Sorrow, Soggy Bottom Boys;
  18. Jockey Full of Bourbon, Tom Waits;
  19. They Outta Name a Drink After You, John Prine;
  20. Blue Kentucky Girl, Emmylou Harris.